Trail 2 Eagle

Uniquely Qualified


With emergency services careers that have span exciting fields of paramedicine, firefighting and search and rescue, Robert and Carol Plumley bring a excitement to their merit badge classes. With helpful insight, entertaining and useful stories, scouts and parents alike continue to return to more and more classes. All classes are taught within the strict guidelines for BSA youth protection and safety with both instructors having taken all appropriate BSA training classes.


Look up at the night sky and learn about what you might see. We will be learning about the stars, planets and constellations as well as looking into nighttime orienteering. This complete merit badge includes both classroom and night viewing and can be accomplished at the George Observatory Center / Brazos Bend State Park or even at your troops overnight camp out.



Jumping into the exciting world of canoeing, we start with the BSA swim test and journey through the basics of canoes and canoeing safety. Once we have the safety part down, it's time to hit the water and paddle on! We will earn our strokes as we paddle through the entire merit badge with this course. Need canoes? No problem! Trail 2 Eagle has canoes ready for your troop to rent and can bring them to your next camping site.



 Details coming soon!


Don't let the fast pace of life leave you teeth dirty. Learn how to handle dental emergencies, understand dental exams as well as view actual x-rays. This is a fast paced and fun class set in an open learning environment that welcomes questions regarding dental health, orthodontics and more. This merit badge requires a prerequisite of proof of a dental exam before class.



We break down the barriers of disabilities as we explore the Disability Awareness merit badge in an open and non-judgemental environment. We will also be learning social skills and service opportunities in you local community as well as on a national level. This complete merit badge is great as a team building class from a Troop with a lot of new boys or a Troop that has trouble functioning between patrols.



Diving into the history of fingerprinting and ending with learning to identify their own fingerprints, this class is fast paced fun! This merit badge is a complete class and can easily be combined with other classes like Medicine, Dentistry or Safety for a day of fun learning.


Fire Safety

By far the most injuries from Boy Scout activities come from not being fire safe. Learn techinques to keep you, your family and your troop safe with insight and tips as taught by veteran structural and wildland firefighters. This is a great team building class that can be taught to scouts of all ages as well as leaders and parents. This complete class can be taught during a camp out or at a local park.



covering both the history and background of geocashing in a classroom setting and ending with a fun field search, this class is a great team building exercise for a Troop. This merit badge can be complete but requires preperation by the troop to accomplish #8. Email all questions regarding Cache to Eagle cashes in your local area to



Explore the world of kayaks and Safe Afloat planning in a safe, fun and non-judgementals environment where knowledge and safety come first. Learn skills on land in an outdoor class and then safely take to the water for skill mastery. BSA requires all participants (both scouts and adults) that will be near the water to complete a BSA swim test or have a record of testing within the last year provided. Kayaks can be provided by your troop or rented throughout Trail2Eagle. Please email any questions or request a quote for your troop to


The world of medicine is fast paced and exciting! Learn it's history and glance at the future as seen through the eyes of paramedics. Interesting slides, intuitive history and open forum discussions make this complete merit badge one that you wont want to miss!


Safety, first aid, Leave No Trace, Back Country Guidelines and reading maps are just a few of the things covered in this class. Troops looking for a team building merit badge will find this class a perfect fit! Set for a 2 day class, this merit badge is a complete class and can be easily accomplished while camping at most all state parks.


Public Health

The world of public health is complex focus on maintaining a pulse on private sector prevention and detection of illnesses and diseases, community resources, emergency care and even hospitals! Together we learn about this fascinating field that is always developing and changing to meet the needs of the community health. This class is a great merit badge to bring out to the different troops. With preplaning, we are able to use local food services facilities as well as local public health agencies creating an awareness by the scouts of their communities abilities and developing a relationship before emergencies happen.


Public Speaking

Boy Scouts are tomorrows leaders and will go farther than we can dream of! As parents and leaders we need to be sure that they are able to communicate! Unlike many other merit badges that provide a learning experience about something new, the public speaking merit badge is something that every scout will be able to use on a daily basis. This class is perfect for new scouts or a large Troop that has difficulty in communication between patrols and is taught in a fun, non judgemental environment.



Telling our scouts to be safe isn't enough. We need to provide them with the facts and material that help to keep them safe in different environments. This fun and educational class provides useful skills and discussions that can help prevent accidents and injuries and is perfect for scouts, parents and leaders! This class is a perfect summer merit badge that can be brought to your Troop night meeting.


Search and Rescue

The number 1 most sought after merit badge class! With years of experience in Swiftwater Rescue, Quick Assent Climb and Avalanche Rescue, this class is taught from the view of veterans of Search and Rescue teams. Unlike other SAR merit badge classes that are incomplete becuase the scouts are not able to interview a real member, this class offers 2 members! This class is a complete class that will include 2 table top, 4 static and a live rescue. We highly suggest all scouts complete this class before high adventure activities and suggest all leaders and parents do as well!


Traffic Safety

Safety in vehicles isn't just for the driver. We will learn laws and safety techniques that will keep both passengers and drivers out of danger. This class is a complete class and appropriate for kids of all ages and will also cover the BSA/ATT No Texting campaign. Scout groups looking for a summer activity and merit badge to have at their next meeting, can look no farther!

Wilderness Survival

With years of wilderness rescue experience, this class is fun and exciting as taught by two wilderness paramedics. Exciting classroom, great equipment examples and skill building exercises will have your scout ready for their night in the wilderness. This is a great class that can be taught at your troops next campout or in a classroom setting and is perfect for scouts, leaders and parents to participate in.