Trail 2 Eagle

Eagle Required Merit Badges


Citizenship in the Community

What does it take to be a good citizen of your community and how can each of us make our community better? Every town is unique and special, let's take a closer look at the local community of your troop. We will be visiting a community government office, mapping out key local buildings and learning about how local government is run. This is a complete merit badge providing access to government offices are open.  

Citizenship of the Nation

We live in an incredible nation! During this merit badge class we will be learning about the foundation of our great nation and the key documents that lay the ground work for its establishment. We will also be taking a pictorial trip to many national monuments and parks. With discusions on branches of government, senators and congress, this is a merit badge class that will keep you on the edge of your seat!


Citizenship of the World

If we were to have come from another country, what would it take to become a citizen of the U.S.A.? This is truly a world wind tour of how countries come together to create trust with emphasis on key topics of The United Nations, World Organization of the Scout and the World Health Organization. This is a fascinating class is a complete merit badge and one you wont forget.


 Exciting information regarding this merit badge coming soon!


Cooking is now an Eagle required  merit badge and there is not time to waste in learning how to safely cook. This merit badge is completed in a 3 day setting and requires both classroom time and hands on cooking by each individual scout. We start 2 weeks in advance of your camp out and work with the scouts in a classroom setting. During this time we will learn safety, meal planning and food management. Scouts will then purchase their food items and gather their equipment. Next we will spend a Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon campout with teaching and helping the scouts as they succeed with cooking.

Emergency Preparedness

When emergencies happen, people look towards the scouts for help and guidance. Explore the world of emergency services as 2 veteran paramedic / firefighters lend insight into how to prepare, plan and handle emergency situations. This class is a complete class only with prook of prior First Aid merit badge completion. Troops looking for a weekend set of classes will often pair this class with First Aid as a Saturday/Sunday combination.


Family Life

 Exciting information regarding this merit badge class coming soon,

First Aid

Be prepared! As a Boy Scout, people look towards you in an emergency. Can you do what it takes to make a difference? Explore the world of emergency medicine as we learn first aid, bandaging and splinting, CPR, and triage. Develop useful insight from veteran paramedic / firefighters into the world of prehospital emergency medicine. This is a complete merit badge class and can be taught to both scouts requiring their First Aid merit badge as well as troop leaders and parents. All scout rank requirements for Tenderfoot, Second and First Class ranks will be covered during this class.


Personal Fitness

Staying physically fit and morally straight is easier as we learn the background behind health and fitness. This Eagle requirement is set in an open and non-judgmental environment that allows for open discussions regarding fitness and health. This class is not complete until 12 weeks for recording daily activities than can be turned into their merit badge counselor for completion.


Personal Management

This Eagle requirement class is an excellent opportunity to develop skills required to complete an Eagle project. We will be learning about savings, creating a budget, expected income, common stocks and more in an easy and fun learning environment that takes the mystery out of money management. This class requires the scout to prepare a budget and maintain a budget for 13 weeks that can then be turned into their merit badge counselor for completion.