Trail 2 Eagle

Trail 2 Eagle Boy Scout Merit Badge Classes


Trail 2 Eagle is everywhere you need us to be. Being mobile, we are able to bring this classroom to your troop meeting site or campsite. This gives troop leaders and parents the ability to better plan camping activities and make sure the scouts get the most out of every campout, regular troop meeting or outing.

Be sure and email questions regarding our upcoming schedule and class requests. Many times we are able to add additional classes or locations.

 General Classes* Now Filling:

There is a limited number of seats still available for the following general admission classes:

Class                                                                             Location                             Date                              Cost                 

Emergency Preparedness                                       Richmond, Texas                     5/30/15                         $35.00

Wilderness Survival                                                 Richmond, Texas                     5/31/15                         $35.00

Fire Safety                                                               Rosenberg, Texas                    6/7/15                           $45.00

Geocashing                                                              Aransas Pass,Texas               6/26/15                         $30.00

Search and Rescue                                                  Rockport, Texas                      6/27/15                         $55.00

Wilderness Survival                                                  Rockport,Texas                       6/28/15                         $35.00

To reserve a seat or check on seating availability, email us at

*General Classes are open to both individuals and small groups and not sponsored by a particular troop.

Trail2Eagle encourages troops to sponsor a general class to be held in your area receive and will receive a discount on class pricing. This allows smaller troops to or individual scouts to join in the excitement and fun.

Where have We Been?

We had a great time and perfect weather while teaching in Panama City Beach, Fl at St. Andrew's State Park.



Where Are We Going From Here?

Houston Area

We are currently registering scouts for Wilderness Survival and Fire Safety in Richmond, Texas. Only a few spots are still open for these classes so please email soon.


Wilderness Survival will be held on Saturday, June 26th at Goose Island State Park. This class will cover all the requirements except requirement #8. This requirement can be accomplished at this park but will require a camping fee or at your next Troop camping trip.


Fire Safety will be held on June 6th at Brazos Bend State Park. Scouts will be required to show proof of requirement # 11 (visit a fire station) to complete this merit badge.


Don't worry, we have added additional dates! That's right, we had an incredible time in Florida in March teaching Search and Rescue, Wilderness Survival and Cooking. We will be in the pan handle of Florida again in early August. Many troops have already booked dates.  If your Troop has not already booked a class date, be sure and email us soon! 

Corpus Christi, Texas

We will be visiting troops in the Corpus Christi area during the second week of July for a Search and Rescue and Fire Safety merit badges. We have already booked many troops. Search and Rescue will be a general admission class and seating is already limited.


Moving On

We are always on the move, so don't ever hesitate to drop us a line to ask for a date. If we possibly can, we will be happy to add your troop, town or city to our upcoming schedule. Currently, we are to set dates for the Little Rock, Arkansas and Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida areas.