Trail 2 Eagle

Trail 2 Eagle is dedicated to helping boy scouts reach and achieve their goals through clear, easy to understand education taught in a safe, non- judgmental environment where everyone can succeed. We follow BSA class guidelines as well as BSA safety criteria.


Our goal is to bring merit badge classes to your troop or community that might not be available.


Educational Excellence To You

Giving Back To The Community

We believe in helping the communities we come in contact with during our travel and teaching. Part of our proceeds our donated to communities in need and we encourage those we teach to do the same. Often times, we will stay behind after the classes to help organizations in need by fund raising, feeding the fire department after a cooking merit badge, teaching a community-wide CPR class or painting a community building.  


You troop can make the difference too. When booking your class, ask about how your troop can take part in a Trail 2 Eagle service project. Together, we can make a difference!

Who Are We?

With 20 years of experience working in the field of emergency services, we bring a high degree of experience to scouting. Wilderness and 911 paramedics, structural and wildland firefighting as well as years of living in Colorado and working on Search and Rescue makes us uniquely qualified to take merit badge learning to the next level.

Along with our two sons who are Boy Scouts, we travel and homeschool on the go. This provides us the opportunity to bring merit badge training to areas that might not otherwise have it. Based in the great state of Texas doesn't stop us from teaching elsewhere. From South Dakota to Florida, we've been there and taught that! Check out our upcoming calendar to see where we will be next.